Antiviral Mouth

Respective samples of a non-woven polypropylene of a standard kind as used for surgical masks have been coated with each of these options, the sample was allowed to drain off excess liquid, after which allowed to air dry. This process using the above solutions resulted in a ca. 10% w/w deposition of the acidic polymer onto the substrate materials. A filter material appropriate to be used in the face mask in accordance with any one of claims 1 to 26 comprising a fibrous substrate on which is deposited an acidic polymer together with an natural carboxylic acid.

The filter material of the invention in sheet type can be adapted simply to the convex shape applicable for becoming to a user’s face. The face masks might also comprise a number of layer of a further materials, e.g. one layer backing the filter materials, or two layers sandwiching the filter materials, optionally with a number of additional layer. Such an extra layer of fabric could also be located within the face mask such that when the mask is used the layer of additional material is positioned between the filter material and the user’s pores and skin to thereby scale back any irritation to the consumer’s skin. In one other way filter supplies of the present invention may be made by identified electrospinning processes, during which an electrified liquid jet of a polymer, in the type of a solution or soften is formed, and is deposited on a grounded collector fibre. For instance the filter materials might incorporate one or more antimicrobial compound. Suitable examples of such compounds embrace quaternary ammonium compounds (e.g. benzalkonium chloride, cetrimide), phenolic compounds (e.g. triclosan, benzoic acid) biguanides (e.g. chlorhexidine, alexidine) and mixtures thereof.

Antiviral Mouth

Influenza virus an infection inhibitor and influenza virus an infection prevention product US B Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. A mask according to declare 2 whereby the air-permeable substrate includes a non- woven polyester. It is due to this fact seen that every one the polypropylene swatches upon which the listed acidic polymer had been deposited caused 3 or higher than 3 Log reduction within the viral titer.

  • “On the outer cloth, there is a third semi-permeable polymeric layer which allows slowing down the absorption strategy of the microdroplets in which the viral particles are transported.
  • The wetted substrate may then be dried, e.g. e.g. by evaporation in the ambient air or in a drying tunnel.
  • Influenza virus an infection inhibitor and influenza virus infection prevention product US B Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • A mask based on any one of the preceding claims whereby the filter materials incorporates one or more surfactant.

7 A masks in accordance with claim 6 wherein the acidic polymer comprises a polymer of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid. A mask based on any one of the preceding claims whereby the acidic polymer contains a poly- polymer. The filter materials of this invention could also be used in other forms of breathing air filter such as nose plugs. Such a filter may be of typically typical kind, incorporating the filter materials of the invention. A face mask of this invention could comprise one, two, three or extra layers of such a sheet or pad type filter material.

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For example an alkali corresponding to sodium hydroxide, or a buffer similar to a citrate e.g. sodium citrate, may be included into the loading resolution to attain such a pH. The filter material described herein may be made in varied ways, by which the air- permeable substrate is mixed with the acidic polymer. Other suitable acidic polymers are believed to incorporate polyvinyl phosphonic acids. Acidic polymers which have been found helpful for the needs herein have been found to have molecular weights within the vary 30,000 to 2,000,000 however molecular weight doesn’t look like crucial, and this may be merely an exemplary range.

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Results showed that every one three loaded swatches killed the virus as follows, by which the Log Reduction Titer / ml is listed. A Log Reduction of 3 corresponds to a ninety nine.9% kill of virus. The loading solutions listed above have been prepared in one hundred sixty kg batches for application to a polypropylene or polyester non-woven material by spraying or dipping using commonplace commercially available equipment, followed by drying the wetted material in a drying tunnel. A reduction in the viral titre of avian Influenza A NIBRG-14 H5N1 virus was noticed after remedy with the check articles 2 (loading answer 1% ETD 2020 + zero.5% Citric acid), 3 (loading resolution 2% ETD 2020), and 4 (loading resolution 2% ETD 2020 + 1% Citric acid). No viral discount was noticed following therapy with test article 1 (loading solution 1% ETD 2020). 2) 200μl of diluted avian NIBRG-14 Influenza H5N1 virus at 1/10 (v/v) dilution in distilled water was added to every test or control article in a 6-well plate and incubated at Room temperature on a shaker (at 300MoT/minute) for 60 minutes.

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